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Any successful business leader will acknowledge the crucial importance of effectively organized logistics. They understand that implementing seamless logistics is a key element in keeping pace with customer demands and outperforming competitors. 
Whatever the size of your business, you will want to grow and expand. That probably means expanding on a regional, international or global level. Whatever your business location or industry, logistics can help cut on the costs and time you spend to move products from one point to another. 

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We have several main partners in logistics. The first is our railway forwarder company who is in direct contact with railcars operators, which helps us to make smooth and fast delivery from the supplier loading railway stations. to final destionation. 
The key point in supplying of raw materials and industrial commodities is the loading port with full infrastructure involved. We work in close cooperation with several stevedore companiesin order to acheive fast rate of loading of products and to decrease the influence of the loading process on quality and sizing of the product.
And the last but not least is the vessel performing the voyage. We have our ship broker inside our company who work with well known shipowners to charter about 30-40 vessels per annum on regular basis. Our company has 10 years experience on freight market with good references from main shipowners.

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